L-E-V dance company at the Dampfzentrale

Three women, two men, a naked scene caressed by ashen lighting
and black as the only color, yes black is a color.
The device is minimal, the attention is thrown towards the body of the dancers,
the signs they inscribe in space, pulsed with industrial techno, repetitive, creeping or hammering.
These are visual poems, extracted from the electrified texts of the poet Niel Hilborn,
harnessed, muscular, healed by obsessive-compulsive disorders,
sweaty and innervated choreographies that speak obsessively.
It is in the interstices of these actions that the most beautiful moments are found, when the light passes through the faults and
light flashes quick appeasements, fugitive serenities, a few moments of unexpected sweetness.
Behind the illness, just behind the disease and its frenzied repetitions, behind the sounds and movements that turn in a loop,
behind all this, the whiteness of a blank page, a new chapter, the unsuspected of a beginning,
the beauty of a renewed freedom. It’s strong.


OCD LOVE photo by Eyal Landesman (1) & by Regina Brocke (2/3)