1915, la havane, lives and works in New York

Carmen Herrera had to wait till she was 89 years old to exhibit for the first time some of her paintings. While painting from an early age, the art world dominated by hairy and arrogant males, ignores her triumphantly, but nonetheless, Carmen Herrera paints, paints, paints relentlessly, nourished by a force of unheard-of determination. Her husband will accompany her gesture throughout this desert of recognition, persuaded of the relevance of the painting of his wife. For a combination of circumstances Carmen slips one or two paintings in an exhibition, replacing on the late an artist who had desisted, it was enough for a certain story to start. Being a woman and Cuban additionally, in a regime of ethnocentric art, is a beautiful performance that will launch the train of his late career, a singular way forward, testifying in passing, that even at the twenty fifth hours of a life, it is never too late to access the light.


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