It’s sometimes important to mention a name,
a name as discreet as a secret, a name that rather can evoke the sad sky of Portugal when this country was under dictatorship,
but let’s fly away from terrible memories, the name i’m talking about is synonymous with knowledge, culture and most of all intelligence.
The man behind the name is a philosopher and a professor of rhetoric, an outstanding searcher who dig into the words and phrases to release
their secret meanings, their covered powers, in the beginning was the word and Philippe-Joseph Salazar tells us why, the word is powerful and an active force and he shows us how
Luminously, brightly and clearly written, his books dissect and unravel the hidden thoughts behind the words, the inner operations and intentions that are at the roots of the language we’re using,
words are like weapons, we are warned again.

Philippe Joseph Salazar, ecrivain et philosophe francais, à Paris, le 16 juin 2016. Philippe Joseph Salazar, french writer and philosopher, in Paris, June 16th 2016.

photo leo-apaul ridet